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GUANOMAD, Exceptional Sponsor of FIM: 15 - 18 may 2014

GUANOMAD REBIRTH, Our Company Continues to Grow

It has been 7 years since Guanomadtook relentless steps to success.
Endowed with a revolutionary vision and a strong conviction to value Madagascar’s natural resources and a desire to keep to its commitment, the company has kept moving forward. Thanks to its team’s innovative spirit and competence, Guanomad has been able to contribute to the development of Madagascar’s agricultural field.

The last few years have been devoted to bringing changes into Guanomad’s services. In order to access local as well as international biological and agricultural market, the company has brought improvement to its production in terms of quality and quantity. An array of diverse products on constant innovation is now available for biological farmers. Certified by Ecocert and covered by international standards since 2010, Guanomad’s products can nowadays compete with other biological products from all over the world. By improving our distribution system, we could ensure nationwide coverage and, by the same token, increase our production. This effort allowed us to professionally enter international markets. After Europe, the United States and the Indian Ocean, the door to Africa is now open to us.

Indeed, not only has everything been stirring at Guanomad this year 2013 but a number of events have also contributed to the company’s rebirth. In view of Guanomad Rebirth, the company is allying with trusted partners from Africa. This alliance will give it the opportunity to renovate its production and distribution strategies as well as its plans of action towards its social and environmental involvement. In addition, the company also started exporting to Africa. Guanomad’s pioneering image and its significant efforts captured the jury’s attention at the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship. This year, this African Leadership Network prize was awarded to us. This victory has not just marked a glorious time but a new rebirth for Guanomad and serves as an encouragement from us to all entrepreneurs in Madagascar.

2013 is, therefore, a momentous year for Guanomad and its vision and missions will be on the update for a much brighter future. Guanomad’s Rebirth reflects the image of an enterprise aiming at being even more responsible, efficient and professional in the field of global biological agriculture. We will shine brighter bringing about economic and social development for Madagascar. Our efforts will definitely lead to our success!

Production Improvement

For a better result in terms of product quality, Guanomad is banking on quality control enhancement. Our products go through several steps; from post-extraction analysis to conditioning and thermal treatment. The strict study into each item within each product allows the increase in production capacity and product diversification. Guanomad also aims at creating an array of biological compost suitable to diverse agricultural areas. In terms of production, Guanomad expects a 1500 ton production monthly. Since Guanomad’s activities are ecology-friendly as they are mainly based on the use of natural products, our company mission is environment protection. An environment management strategy has been set up, designed and carried out by environment experts including the maintenance of bats’ habitat through the removal and conservation of exceeding guano. As for this plan implementation, Guanomad has set up a monitoring and specification system.

Environment Management Plan

The presence of compost at accredited selling points will be improved as well. All the different products will be available to all the farmers.

Guanomad’s team tries hard to set up a distribution network that will reach the highest number of remote areas. Plus, instructive materials will be made visible in order to help consumers on usage.

Our Vision:

“Enhancing the value of Madagascar’s natural resources contributes to food self-sufficiency and global biological agriculture.”

Our mission:

Develop and produce natural resource- based compost for an environment-friendly agriculture.

Our Values :

Integrity, equity, national pride, exemplarity, success, respect, professional development and collective advancement.

Our ambition is to be a creator of a virtuous economic, environmental and social growth, an enhancer of the value of Malagasy products and resources and a responsible player in the economy through job creation.

At the SME Agricultural Fund

An investment fund specialized in small and medium agriculture enterprises in Africa has chosen Guanomad by being a stakeholder in the company. The African Agriculture Fund ‘s financing, up to 40 % of our company’s capital for a 5 year duration and worth 2.8 million US Dollar, aims at increasing our company’s production capacity and supporting its growth. Its purpose is additionally to help meet international standards in terms of environment protection and work as well as product quality.

Opening to Africa

A study of biological compost market demonstrates the increasing importance of the African market. Being future demographical hosts, African lands need more and more compost. Investing in agriculture that is aware of the harm caused by chemicals and supported by partners and distributors, Guanomad has established itself in Africa.

Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship

For seven years, The African Leadership Network (ALN) has organized the Africa Awards Entrepreneurship ( AAE), a contest destined to African entrepreneurs and sponsored by Omidyar Network for seven years. This year, Guanomad is the worthy winner of this prestigious contest, selected among 12 finalists after a strict audit focusing on business model, financial stability and integrity and on impact at the social and economic level. This prize allows our company to further improve and develop our products and services.