Guanomad brand is made to meet any crop basic needs ; it is a powerful well balanced organic solution


    Especially set up for the leaf crops, Guano Ferti-N's highly optimized nitrogen composition stimulates the plants vegetative growth.


    Guano Ferti-K (K for Potassium) is a powerful organoleptic enhancer, fully organic, for an awesome result on your fruits


    Enriched with organic matters to optimize your main asset, your soil, for it to deliver a maximum of productivity


    Highly effective Organic mulch for gardening


    Plant-based fertilizer with a repellent effect on soil-borne insect pests.


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    Our farmers

    Madagascar biological valleys

    Our fruits and vegetables are very beautiful and tasty. Moreover, we can keep them longer thanks to GUANOMAD “, proudly states Noro while showing the vast field of passion fruits culture, commonly known as “grenadelle”.
    Noro runs the farmers community in Fihaonana, 90km in the northwest of Antananarivo. Farmers are from AMADEA Association which works in the livestock, agriculture and handicraft in Madagascar. AMADEA has two operating sites in Madagascar, including Fihaonana. Known as Biological Valleys, organic inputs are mandatory in agriculture and GUANOMAD is the reference fertilizer.
    AMADEA’s farmers cultivate rice, vegetables, fruits such as fruits of passion and oranges as well as manioc. They use the fertilizer GUANOMAD since 2007.
    50% of their productionis destined for export and is very appreciated. And recently, Noro and his team began selling online.
    Noro harvests 100 kg of passion fruit per week over 275 feets.”Previously we used chemical fertilizer but it damaged our soil. When we discovered the GUANOMAD fertilizer, a fully organic fertilizer we tried and finally decided to adopt it. GUANOMAD greatly contributed to our communication by publishing our testimonials as a “Biological Valley”. Thanks to that, our passion fruits earned an ECOCERT certification, “concludes Noro.
    Picture : Noro with her fruits de la passion

    Basmati rice with GUANOMAD

    Jonhs is one of the farmers in Fihaonana and has been growing basmati rice for 10 months; 2 cycles of 5 months each. In the first cycle, he harvested 7 tonnes per hectare compared to 8 tonnes per hectare for the second cycle.
    His Basmati rice is exclusively for export. A market that requires the use of full organic inputs, including the Guanomad fertilizer.

    Picture : Johns proudly shows his harvest

    Vegetables grow with GUANOMAD

    Tsiory, Nomena, Faniry and their friends jostle each other to collect their own broccoli and other vegetables in their garden at “Les Paulins” Orphanage in Antananarivo. They are indeed enthusiastic since they know that they hold their meal of the day.
    The creation of a vegetable garden at “Les Paulins” Orphanage with GUANOMAD allows the children to have an extracurricular activity while inculcating the “green hand culture” . They are also educated in organic vegetable farming since the seeds and fertilizers used are entirely organic.
    “Our students are currently eating healthy foods. Having vegetables at oour fingertips in our own garden not only saves us time to go to the market but also money. I also notice that the products grown with GUANOMAD can be kept longer, “says Sr. Constantine, Manager at the Orphanage.
    “Les Paulins” Orphanage takes care of children from 3 to 12 years old. The cooperation with GUANOMAD started in October 2016.

    Picture : Children proudly show their vegetables

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