Guanomad brand is made to meet any crop basic needs ; it is a powerful well balanced organic solution

    N : 3-5% P :11-15% K : 1-3%

    Usage Benefits:

    • Provides right feed balance
    • Improves microbial flora
    • Ensures a calcium and magnesium soil improvement
    • Improves soil’s organic matter content

    Description :

    Because of its high content in primary nutrients, organic matter and microbial flora, GUANOMAD can be used in optimized dosages for an all-out yield.

    • For the soil: GUANOMAD improves soil structure and long-term health and fertility . It also increases the level of its microbial activity,
    • For the crops :
      1. GUANOMAD protects crops from fungi, rot and most usual diseases
      2. GUANOMAD ensures strong root development and a swift plant growth
    • For all crops: GUANOMAD improves taste, quality, colour and yield thrives in essential nutrients of the product.

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